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Digital Experience. Digital Solutions. 

XLdigital offers a comprehensive range of digital services across Mobile, User Experience, Digital Solutions and Analytics to help our clients unlock the business value of emerging technologies.


XLdigital is a specialist division of FinXL IT Professional Services

Digital Solutions

The team at XLdigital are experts in delivering digital solutions, with all of the management, technical, creative and governance skills required to keep the project on track.

Program/Project Management

Our team of over 40 highly talented program and project managers are very experienced in the demands of delivering leading-edge digital solutions.

Agile Software Delivery

In order to effectively manage risk, XLdigital adopts a highly agile approach to delivering the software required for digital solutions.


Although the front-end usually grabs the attention, it is impossible to deliver a successful digital solution without an effective underlying architecture.

Business Analysis

XLdigital has an excellent team of Digital Business Analysts, with wide-ranging domain experience and expertise.

Change Management

Like any change, the impact of digital solutions need to be carefully planned for and implemented.

Digital & Cloud Infrastructure

Because digital solutions need to be flexible and rapidly scalable, it is often a good idea to implement them using Cloud infrastructure, be it private or public.


With the huge explosion of mobile devices globally, XLdigital will help you to deliver solutions that improve your business performance by leveraging mobile channels.

Mobile Applications

With our mobile solutions, you can improve customer service, reduce operating costs and empower both customers and staff to engage more effectively, whenever and wherever they are.

Mobile Device Testing

With the wide variety of mobile platforms, technologies and devices available, testing has become increasingly challenging, time-consuming and costly.

Mobile Integration

XLdigital are experts in revitalising your legacy applications, providing mobile-friendly web front ends and accelerating the implementation of your digitisation strategy.

User Experience

XLdigital understands that user / customer experience is of paramount importance to successful digital design and delivery. Digital solutions needs to look right, enhance your brand, provide a seamless customer experience and be available. We will work with your business stakeholders, marketing and creative teams to ensure that our digital solutions help you to improve the satisfaction of your customers and thereby increase their loyalty and engagement with you.

UX / CX Design

Design is a leading feature of our digital practice. Our team of highly experienced and talented UX/CX consultants are experts at creating leading-edge designs and working with you to refine and tune these designs through effective rapid prototyping techniques. Our skills encompass visual, motion and service interaction to deliver the right experience for your audience.

Usability / Acceptance Testing

A key part of delivering what your customers want, is to verify and test the designs, prototypes and applications with them throughout the implementation process. This is done both in our usability labs and externally through public testing with a random sample of potential customers.


There is no point in delivering flexible and scalable digital assets in an agile and nimble fashion unless you can track their effectiveness and continuously improve them based on real data. Implementing effective and accurate analytics is crucial.

Big Data

XLdigital’s team of independent Data Consultants will enable you to select and implement the right products and processes to extract the maximum value from your Big Data.

Information Architecture & Modelling

XLdigital’s team of information architects and data modellers will help you to implement your information and analytics strategy across your organisation.

Data Migration & Data Quality

In the digital world, it is essential to leverage all of the data available to you, whether it be historical or real-time, in order to make effective and accurate business decisions.

Analytical Reporting

Effective reporting on the vast amount of data available to your business is vital to making accurate business decisions and ensuring successful business strategies.

Client Comments

“XLdigital has played an integral role in securing the right personnel with
right attitudes who work and play at the forefront of the digital evolution.”

Bill Obeid, Product Digitisation Delivery Lead, Telstra

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